“Landed in Calabria on board of Phoenician merchant ships, grown according to ancient Magno-Greek traditions, kissed by the sun and caresssed by fresh sea breezes, today the fig tree, sweet fruit sacred to Dionysus, marries the strong and sharp character of the grappa and becomes Siko.”

Grappa aromatizzata ai fichi

The grappa shows an ancient golden yellow color with excellent texture. The nose is docile and voluptuous with evident notes of: dried figs, dried fruit, nuts, Acacia’s honey, nuances of sweet spices. The mouth is warm, embracing, balanced. The aromas of dried figs and dates come back. The alcoholic note on the nose is mild and pleasant. Alcohol is present but well mitigated by a good sourness which is refreshing to the mouth and makes it exciting.

First and only grappa
flavored with figs in the world

Alcoholic drink based on grappa and figs “var. dottato ”of Calabria. The drink manages to combine the strong flavor of grappa with the sweet aroma of fig. It goes beautifully with sweets and chocolate, but it is also excellent to be used with aged cheeses.

Region: Calabria

Aging: Steel

Alcohol: 40% Vol.

Temperature: 4-6 ° C during the summer season, room temperature during the autumn-winter season

Available formats 10 Cl – 50 Cl – 75 Cl

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production process

Siko is obtained by slowly mixing figs and spirit, largely extracted from vineyards of
Calabrian Nerello and it left to mature in steel barrels for a period ranging from 90 to
180 days to reach the degree of taste, olfactory and visual desired

Once harvested and left to rest for a short period of time, figs are slowly incorporated,
over 30-40 days, to the grappa already ripe, in order to obtain a dense and homogeneous extract.

Figs are carefully selected, preferring those produced in July and the collection days
are determined based on particular climatic conditions, considering temperature and

The resulting mixture is added with additional grappa to obtain a perfect balance of
taste and a proper texture. At the end, the product is left to decant some days before the bottling phase.

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